While studying film at USC, CB Smith-Dahl received accolades for short narrative scripts. This work (as well as her camera work) eventually led to a position as a writer/producer for National Enquirer TV. Since 1997 she’s written most of the educational and promotional videos produced for Community Bridge Video and recently completed an interactive script for Coaching Corps online training series. She’s currently authoring content for the Canvas platform which will launch in 2016.

For 3 years, CB worked as a freelance journalist and community editor for hyperlocal news site Oakland Local. Most of her in-depth coverage focused on environment and health issues including this series about Brownfields funded by a grant from the Society of Environmental Journalists and this series on HIV/AIDS in Oakland funded by Healthy California.

(Because both series were created before a major website redesign/overhaul in 2014, all Oakland Local links in the articles above are broken. Try replacing http://oaklandlocal.com with http://archive.oaklandlocal.com – it works in most cases.)